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The Cancer Advocacy Coalition of Canada (CACC) accesses material from many sources and though we do our best to ensure accuracy of the information that we post on this site, we can not guarantee it. The CACC is a strong advocate of evidence-based medicine and takes care to report the best science in a fair and balanced fashion. We do not accept responsibility for the positions or opinions expressed by any external source that we might quote. The information on the CACC web site is offered as a public service to help Canadians interested in cancer and cancer control stay informed about developments. Nothing on this Web site should be construed as recommending medical advice or treatment - always see your own doctor for the best advice about your health. There are links and news items on this Web site that lead readers to other sites; the CACC does not assume and is not responsible for any liability whatsoever for the linking to these other Web sites, the operation or content of those sites, nor for any of the information, positions or opinions to be found on those sites.

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