Get Involved / Advocate

What Are We Doing?

We believe that working hand-in-hand with the government and legislators to formulate healthy public policies plays an important role in making our vision of a world in which no Canadian is afraid of cancer a reality.

Advocates from our platforms are working with organizations and agencies that share our vision to make a difference in looking for new and better ways to safeguard the health of Canadians.

We also don’t neglect the role of education in the fight to prevent and hopefully eradicate cancer. We hope to reduce the rate of cancer cases, as well as the number of cancer-related deaths in our country. All our thanks go to donors that make all these programs possible.

How We Take Action

  • By adopting a strong position on crucial cancer issues.
  • Raising the awareness and level of enlightenment of Canadian about cancer-related issues.
  • By effecting the government to pass public policies that will assist in the prevention of cancer and give help to persons living with cancer.

Why We Take Action

We take steps to:

  1. Stop people from having cancer – For instance, banning the use of cigarettes in public places or around minors.
  2. Help to increase the life expectancy of people living with cancer – For instance, sourcing funds from the government for cancer research.
  3. Increase the quality of life for cancer patients – For instance, moving for financial support of caregiving relatives.

We advocate for a world where every Canadian is well educated about cancer and every Canadian cancer patient is well cared for.