What Causes Cancer?

Most cancers don’t have a specific known cause. They appear to occur due to a combination of various risk factors and can sometimes happen in the absence of any risk factor.

Risk factors are anything that increases the propensity for cancer development. These factors may have a part in starting and or exacerbating the cancer growth process. Some of them include:

Sun exposure

Old age

Genetic predisposition

Smoking and drinking

Bad diet and lack of exercise

Your Cancer Risk

Cancer risk is a person’s chance of having cancer. Knowing your cancer risk is advisable to make important choices about one’s health.

Logically, the level of interaction with a risk factor(s) is directly proportional to the likelihood of cancer development.

It could take a long time for cancer to develop after being exposed to risk factors. The development of cancer is usually the culmination of prolonged exposure to several risk factors.

Some people are more predisposed to cancerous growth than others because of some risk factors. Being a high-risk individual doesn’t guarantee cancer and being a low-risk individual also doesn’t give the assurance of a cancer-free life, it simply means the risk for the future development of cancer is low.

Cancer Research

People have wondered why the cure for cancer is still yet to be found. Although some progress has been in cancer research, finding a cure has been a herculean task because Cancer is not a single disease, it can be divided into over 100 different diseases with subgroups as well.

Cancer research is a meticulous and strategic process that involves the collection and analysis of data from a lab and studying patient history.

What is a success in the lab is not always successful with people, so it can sometimes take several years for a new treatment or test to be accessible without a clinical trial.

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