Our Vision

To create a world where no one in Canada is afraid of cancer.

Our Mission

We are a Canadian, community-based establishment of working people as well as volunteers whose ultimate goal is the elimination of cancer and the overall improvement of the standard of life of persons living with cancer.

What We Do

We are fully committed to enhancing and saving the lives of people with cancer. For this reason, we are always searching for more advanced ways to prevent cancer, to catch it earlier on, and treat it more effectively.

Therefore, we are constantly willing to offer our assistance and support to persons with cancer so that they can have the best quality of life possible.

We intend to distinguish our cancer organization from others by taking a thorough approach to dealing with cancer and offering care to Canadians with cancer all over the nation.

Here’s how we plan to help:

By donating to cancer research

We will work to organize seminars and other informal methods to educate people on the prevention of cancer and the benefits of screening tests for early detection of some kinds of cancer.