Cancer patient and her oncologist discussing treatment plan

How Much Does Cancer Treatment Cost in Canada? Here’s What You Should Know

Cancer is a devastating disease affecting millions worldwide, and Canada is no exception. Unfortunately, the victims of this fatal disease fight the illness by getting into scruffle with treatment expenses.
It begs the question, how much does cancer treatment cost in Canada? Unfortunately, it isn’t easy to give an exact answer because many variables are involved, such as the city you’re living.
But the short answer is a lot. If you got a cancer diagnosis, it’s …

Vaping Facts

Vaping Facts You Need To Know Before Buying An E-Cigarette

Before you invest in an e-cigarette as a means of smoking cessation, here are a few Vaping news that you need to know first.
What is an E-Cigarette and How Does It Work?
As the name suggests, e-cigarettes are essentially electronic cigarettes. It is an electronic device that consists of a power source, an atomizer, and a cartridge container. Unlike traditional cigarettes, the smoker inhales vapor instead of smoke. The use of e-cigarettes is often known as “vaping”.
Vaping essentially delivers the same dopamine rush a smoker gets when he or she smokes a …

Basic Cancer Research

Basic cancer research gives us an understanding of the start, growth, and metastases of cancerous growths. The focus is on cells. Researchers spend time in the lab trying to understand what differentiates normal, healthy cells from a cancerous one.
The cells being studied can be extracted from persons with cancer, or they can be developed in test tubes or animals.
When using animals for cancer studies, researchers can also try new treatments to understand their mechanism of action and side effects better. These studies help us to understand why some drugs are effective and others are not….

What Causes Cancer?

Most cancers don’t have a specific known cause. They appear to occur due to a combination of various risk factors and can sometimes happen in the absence of any risk factor.
Risk factors are anything that increases the propensity for cancer development. These factors may have a part in starting and or exacerbating the cancer growth process. Some of them include:
Sun exposure
Old age
Genetic predisposition
Smoking and drinking
Bad diet and lack of exercise
Your Cancer Risk
Cancer risk is a person’s chance of having cancer. Knowing your cancer risk is advisable to make important …

What is Cancer?

Were you aware that cancer is not a single disease? There are more than 200 types.
Cancer is an illness that originates from cells. The human body is composed of trillions of cells that form tissues and organs like the heart, kidneys, muscle, etc. Cell division, growth, and death are controlled by nucleic material in the cell’s nucleus.
Regular cell function follows the coding of its genetic material, but the instructions can sometimes get lost in translation causing abnormal cell response. Cancer stems from abnormal cell division and growth.
Are All Tumours Cancer?
No. Some tumours are benign, meaning that …