How We Can Help


If you or someone you know and care about has been diagnosed with cancer, you tend to have a lot of questions or concerns, but you don’t have to worry because we are here to help.

We can offer system support to people affected by cancer, their families, and everyone tasked with the responsibility of giving them care.

A cancer diagnosis can come with all sorts of emotions such as anxiety, fear, hopelessness, or anger, but we want you to know you don’t have to through all of that on your own.

The services we provide are free and your confidentiality is assured, and you can also access them in several languages. We believe that the knowledge and support we can offer you will make all the difference.

Our online community and network will offer you support group experience from other cancer patients, survivors, and caregivers and foster building new healthy relationships to aid the recovery process.

You can as well reach us via our helpline if you have any questions you would want to be answered about cancer diagnosis, the treatment, and medications as well as possible side effects, the prognosis, and recovery, or any other cancer-related topics.